Procedimientos quirúrgicos


It is a technique that tries to eliminate the accumulations of fat located in one or several areas of the body, by means of extraction by aspiration the fat is gradually removed, tailored to the needs can be molded from one area to another of the own patient.


It is the surgical procedure designed to correct the flaccidity of the abdominal muscles, remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen.

This incision is made just above the pubic bone (similar but slightly longer than an incision of caesarean section), it restores tone to the muscles of the abdominal wall and can remove stretch marks.


It is the surgical procedure aimed at increasing and modeling the gluteus. It consists of taking the fat from another area of the body and injecting it into the gluteal region. The two techniques allowed for gluteoplasty are; with buttock implants and with antologous fat (from the same person).


This procedure tries to increase the volume of the breasts, and improve their shape, by means of mammary implants that remodel and increase the volume of the breast, according to the proportions of the thorax and body of the patient.


It is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size of the breasts by removing tissue, combined with elevation or repositioning of the areola complex -nipple, either for aesthetic or therapeutic reasons. Achieving a natural appearance in the breasts, including the areola and the nipple.


It is a facial rejuvenation intervention, it consists of removing excess skin and fat bags from the eyelids (either upper eyelids and / or lower eyelids), in addition to restoring muscle structures. Correcting the palpebral areas affected by the passage of time. It is a surgery of approximately one hour and can be done on an outpatient basis.


It is a surgical procedure that consists of the elimination of wrinkles of the skin or rhytidosis, helping to reduce the signs of the aging of the facial and cervical region (face and neck).


The recovery time of this procedure is 20 to 25 days depending on the patient’s healing.


It is the surgical procedure that aims to improve the external appearance of the nose or correct some respiratory problems. It consists of making the modifications in the nasal or cutaneous structure specifically necessary for each patient to achieve an adequate appearance between the nose and other facial features.

Estética y cosmeatría


It is an aesthetic, non-chemical and non-invasive procedure in which small crystals are used to exfoliate and remove dead cells from the skin’s superficial layer. It serves to give rise to a skin with a healthier and youthful appearance.

Platelet Rich Plasma

It is a painless and non-invasive aesthetic treatment that involves applying a blood plasma injection to the skin. This substance contains plasma proteins and platelets that allow cell regeneration and skin rejuvenation.

Relaxation massages

It consists of advanced manual therapies aimed at improving the wellbeing of the body in which it is mainly those areas that present some type of pain, or that are prone to the accumulation of muscular tensions.

Hyaluronic acid

It is a natural polysaccharide that exists in our body, serves to fill wrinkles and some areas of the face, this creates a structure under the skin, which gives volume and a sense of naturalness in facial expressions.

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